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Employment and Labour Law Group

For employers, sound human resource practices and positive employment relationships, can mean the di­fference between business success or failure.

For employees, employment provides for financial security. It is a means to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families. It is also a source of dignity and self-respect.

When the employment relationship ruptures the consequences can be significant. The complex rights and obligations between the parties are often in dispute.

Our lawyers are committed to understand client needs to achieve sensible solutions to a full range of workplace issues.

Our expertise includes:
  • employment contracts and hiring
  • termination and severance (wrongful dismissal/constructive dismissal)
  • public and private sector labour relations (including collective agreement negotiation, arbitration and decertification)
  • employment standards compliance and due diligence
  • workplace policies, procedures and practices
  • human rights (including workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination)
  • performance management, workplace misconduct and discipline
  • workplace health and safety
  • workplace reorganization and restructuring
  • employment and labour issues in corporate transactions (purchase, sale, windup or insolvency)
  • workplace litigation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Need for an Employment Law

    When dealing with any work place issue, it is critical for both employees and employers alike to get solid legal advice from an employment law expert.

    Historically, the rules relating to master and servant were very simple. However, the employment relationship in the modern day is a very complex relationship on several levels.

    Moreover, the consequences for employees and employers when the relationship is ruptured are more significant than ever.  It really takes an employment law expert to identify issues, recognize the consequences and then determine a carefully crafted strategy to protect the clients best interest.

    In the end, there is no substitute for sound advice from a lawyer or group of lawyers who specialize in the practice of employment and labour law.

  • The Importance of Sound Advice on Termination

    A significant part of the work we do relates to the termination of the employment relationship. Termination in any circumstance is both a delicate and sensitive human resource matter.

    When an employment relationship is terminated, there are significant consequences for employee and employer. 

    For the employer, a carefully crafted termination strategy that avoids risk and eliminates unanticipated liability often means the difference between business success and failure.

    For the employee, who is particularly vulnerable at the time of the termination, aggressive pursuit of basic employment rights is not only necessary to protect financial interests but may also preserve the employees dignity and self-respect at this difficult time.

  • Why Choose Us for your Employment Law Needs

    When dealing with any employment or workplace issue, it is critical for both employee and employer to get advice from a lawyer who specializes in employment and labour law matters.

    We are perfectly positioned to advise employee and employer clients in dealing with the full range of employee and labour law issues. Our employment law group consists of a group of employment lawyers who are passionate about the work we do. We share a keen interest in every aspect of the employment relationship and we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.

    Based upon our experience and expertise, we are in a position to provide strategic and creative advice and solutions to our clients for their human resource needs.

    Sometimes that advice will allow the client to avoid a problem. In other cases, it will prompt an early settlement.  Yet if adversarial proceedings are necessary, our track record in advocating on behalf of clients before our courts, administrative tribunals and adjudicators, is exceptional.

  • Why Choose Us for Your Human Rights Representation

    The law relating to human rights in the workplace is increasingly complex.

    We act for employees and employers in preparing applications and responding to applications that have been brought to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

    The work we do involves exploring whether or not there is an opportunity to resolve matters before an application has commenced, assisting people in preparing and responding to applications, attending at mediation with client, and representing clients at hearings  before the Human Rights Tribunal.

    Our employment law practice group offers significant benefits to those who we represent. We have knowledge of the tribunals processes, are informed with respect to human rights law, and act for both employers and employees which I believe gives our clients valuable insight into the process.

    Regardless of whatever stage a perspective client may be at, our employment law group would be happy to sit down with you and assist you and advise you on your human rights issues.